Christina Suarez

"Ms. Chris"

Ms. Chris is our 36th St. location Director, and came to our team a few years ago and has over 30 years of experience in childcare.

Ms. Chris came to our team as a floater a few years ago and has over 30 years of experience in childcare. She helped in every classroom and very quickly proved to be an excellent teacher, hard worker and showcased her great personality! Ms. Chris has excellent communication with parents and teachers and before long we asked her to move up as an Assistant Director. Ms. Chris accepted without hesitation and has been leading our team and improving our quality of care ever since. Our parents love Ms. Chris and have mentioned that she brings a warmth, like home, to the center. They also love the way she interacts with the kids and treats them like they were her own.  If you need Ms. Chris, she may be hard to catch, you can see her running around at the center, in the classrooms playing with the children, by the front desk greeting parents and children, in the back making sure our playground is ready for the day, or cleaning and organizing to ensure the center is ready for our kids! 

Ms. Chris believes that World of Knowledge stands out from other centers because “the owner makes a difference. I’ve worked at many child care centers in my 30 years plus of experience and this center has been the best. The owner/director exemplifies what a learning center should be. We care for the children, love the children, and also educate the children. She keeps the standards of what a child care center should be. This learning center is special to me, I remember when we enrolled a child with a bad history from CPS (Child Protective Services), she came in so small and scared and all she did was cry. Within a year, she bloomed into a happy, healthy little girl. Our loving staff along with her amazing adoptive mother, helped this child. We loved her, taught her, and most importantly we made her feel safe. To me this is what it is all about….the children feel safe here.

Destiny Hurst

"Ms. Destiny"

Destiny Hurst is our Assistant Director at our newest location at 5002 NW Loop 410.

Destiny Hurst is our Assistant Director at our newest location at 5002 NW Loop 410. She always has a smile on her face and is an excellent communicator. Ms. Destiny remains professional at all times and gets along great with our children, staff and parents! Ms. Destiny is very “hands on” and often assists our teachers in the classroom with changing diapers, helping with lunch, and anything else the teacher needs a hand with. Ms. Destiny states, “Ms. Cristina is really involved with her childcare centers. She is all about family and making that a statement in the learning center. She loves involving her families. 

World of Knowledge is a place where children are learning and not just going to a place to be just “watched.” I love working with children and being able to be a part of all aspects of their growth. Things parents should know before bringing their children to our center is that we are all one big family and we will protect and nurture your kids like our own. Your child will receive a lot of one on one time with their teacher, because we make sure to have low class ratios. They will also learn all the necessary skills needed to excel and meet their milestones. If you have any concerns about your child we have an open-door policy, you are more than welcome to bring them to our attention. We are a loving childcare center who put the children first and that is why I love World of Knowledge Learning Center.

Laura Torres

"Ms. Laura"

Ms. Laura is our preschool teacher at our 36th street location. She began her journey with us in 2016, and we are so glad she did!

Ms. Laura is passionate about teaching young children, she loves kids, and it shows! She is patient, caring, and such a hard worker. Many times during outside play, you'll see Ms. Laura running and playing right alongside our kids! She has so much fun with them. Ms. Laura's goal is to prepare her children for kindergarten and children in her classroom make a lot of progress and enter the educational school system ready and, many times, ahead of their classmates! Ms. Laura's lesson plans reflect her classroom objective. 

She teaches children classroom rules and routines, following simple instructions, how to put items away after using them, practicing safe and healthy habits like hand washing, and all our basic beginning academic lessons, such as: identifying shapes, letters, phonics, counting, recognizing sight words, and their own name. We love Ms. Laura's dedication to World of Knowledge and her children and can't wait to see all the growth our kids will have in our preschool class this year! Ms. Laura shows our preschoolers how much fun learning can be!

Dalia Lopez

"Ms. Dalia"

Dalia Lopez is a Lead Teacher is our 2 year old early head start classroom.  She has earned her CDA (Child Development Associate) and is hard working, energetic and fun with our 2’s!

Ms. Dalia provides a great balance of fun, patience, and teaching for our kids.  They get all the structure they need from her!  Our parents love Ms. Dalia’s approach and she provides great communication through daily reports and during our parent-teacher conferences.  When discussing the center, Ms. Dalia stated “World of Knowledge is very organized, they treat staff very great!  Communication is the main key of the center…with parents and each other.  I love seeing a child start as an infant here and then going through each classroom, we get to see them grow.  Your child is in good hands here, we will make sure the he feels safe and loved by the teacher and always communicate to you how his day was.”

Ms. Dalia is great at staying on schedule every day and accommodating and adjusting it when needed.  Her “circle time” is fun and educational and the lesson plans that she creates motivate all our 2 year olds to learn, sing and understand the concepts for the day.  Ms. Dalia can be seen quickly moving about in the classroom, multi tasking to get ready for the next activity and re-directing our children, all while having a big smile on her face!  Ms. Dalia is skilled in teaching our 2 year olds language skills, social skills and how to appropriately play with others.  She is also very patient with them and understands that at this age, some of their language is limited therefore she anticipates their needs.  

Samantha Sanchez

"Ms. Samantha"

Samantha Sanchez has been part of our team since 2015!  Ms. Sam is our Lead Toddler teacher and has really blossomed over the years.  

Every toddler in Ms. Sam’s classroom loves her, they feel her warmth and the love she has for what she does every day!  Ms. Sam believes, “I feel we are a learning center, in comparison to other places that are just daycares.  Daycares are not helping the children develop and prepare them for actual school…we do.  Here at World of Knowledge your kids will be taken care of by someone who is highly trained, I love helping the kids grow in different areas to expand their education, and at the end of the day I will give you feedback on how they’re doing.  I think every child is unique, every child is meaningful to me and I love having one-on-one time with them.”

She started at the center with no childcare experience and very timid, after a lot of training and shadowing of other teachers, she gained confidence and earned her CDA (Child Development Associate) and now makes everything look easy!  Ms. Sam loves to be playful with her toddlers, you can hear her singing all day long!  Ms. Sam creates her own lesson plans and has individual educational goals for each child.  She has excellent communication skills and gives each parent detailed “daily reports” about their child as well as meets with them for parent-teacher conferences. Ms. Sam shows each child a lot of love, individual attention and provides great feedback to each parent, so that they can continue the work that is being done in the classroom.