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We develop Independent, Creative, School-Ready kids through Advanced Curriculum and a Learning Philosophy that fosters Growth.

Why World of Knowledge

  • Teacher/Student Ratio
    Teacher/Student Ratio
  • Advanced Curriculum
    Advanced Curriculum
  • ​Goal Setting
  • School-Ready
  • ​Social Skills
    Social Skills
  • ​Emotional Intelligence
    Emotional Intelligence
  • ​Motor Skills
    Motor Skills
  • ​STEM
  • ​Communication

​School Ready

When a child leaves us for grade school, we want him/her to have the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel throughout his/her school career. What we’ve found is that developing well-rounded children makes this mission more possible. Our kids learn things like shapes, language, numbers, math, science, etc., and they also learn how to share, collaborate, and express healthy behavior in a classroom setting. They experience creative art lessons and physical outside play time - expanding their horizons and caring for their well-being.

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How We're Different

Most daycare centers are a one stop shop service for getting your child home safety. At World of Knowledge, safety is a given. The academic, social, and emotional growth of your child is our mission. 

How We're Different

Watch our World of Knowledge Founder describe the vision for our learning Center and how academics, students, teachers, and overall commitment to education makes us different. 

Top Notch Teacher/Student Ratio

The Teacher/Student Ratio at World of Knowledge is best in class. Our teachers rave about the individual time they spend with each student and parents are consistently impressed.

Our Advanced Curriculum

We take academic seriously. This is evident in the high-level curriculum we use to prepare our kids for grade school. Our mission is to graduate children ready to excel in school. 

Ready to learn more?

Meet Our Teachers

No education can thrive without great teachers. At World of Knowledge we have some of the best! Their dedication, care, and commitment to excellence give our students the quality education experience they deserve.

​Lucero Perez

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"Ms. Lucero"


​Janie​ Perez​ Flores

​"Ms. Janie"


​Miranda De Los Santos

​"Ms. ​Miranda"


​Susan Perez

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​"Mrs. ​Susan"


​Maricela Sanchez

Maricela Sanchez

​"Ms. ​Mari"


What Parent’s Say!

Mercedes Tomas

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​Denise Hernandez

Denise Hernandez


​Megan Smith

Megan Smith


​Lisa Rivas

Lisa Rivas


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